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Encouragement Notes

This not is not a prescriptive word but more an encouragement and recfous on what is most important. The note includes a prayer, a word and scripture. Take a moment to consider receiving a note or gifting one to a friend. Here are the select 

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My Story

After graduating, you can imagine, my creative urge was missing a personal component. I was searching to feel understood and maybe to feel connected. I found God in the comments of the beauty of paint and the messiness of my wild heart.  To those that need encouragement --these come from my heart and go straight to the Source. The Creator who created you and I. I made these with personal words spoken to me in season.

Here are some themes:

-God's Faithfulness


-In His Presence, there's fullness (of Joy)

-Everlasting Love

-What a Friend 

-Be Still

The full Gospel:

-For the cross 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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